ResourcesGuide to Strategic Cloud Adoption for Government

Guide to Strategic Cloud Adoption for Government

The guide from Eduserv looks in detail at the different stages an organisation needs to work through to adopt cloud and strategically transform its business.

When the UK government formally introduced its Cloud First policy in 2013 it signalled its desire to drive wider adoption of cost-effective cloud computing in the public sector.

It also, however, really heralds the strategic importance of the cloud within the government’s vision for how it does business in the future.

The message is becoming increasingly clear: while many organisations have experimented with cloud and achieved successful tactical cloud deployments, they are now being asked to do more. The focus is changing and public sector organisations are being asked to start harnessing the cloud to enable more strategic transformation.

But with limited experience beyond tactical deployments, how can you address this need for strategic cloud adoption?

This guide seeks to help address that shortfall by detailing a step-by-step journey through a typical strategic adoption. It includes
considerations and recommendations that will help you move forward with confidence.

Download the full guide below to find out more about how you can aid the strategic transformation of your organisation using the cloud: