EventsEventDriving Digital Change: Transforming services, cultures and experiences

Driving Digital Change: Transforming services, cultures and experiences

Driving Digital Change: Transforming services, cultures and experiences, will bring together leaders in digital transformation to learn how new technology and ways of working can drive service and organisational improvements.

Since 2012 the UK Government and other public sector organisations have spent over £3.2bn on digital, data and technology services. According to Gartner’s latest survey results, 42% of industry CEOs are now actively pursuing digital transformation efforts in one form or another.

From the connectivity of Internet of Things and smart technology to the far-reaching potential of Artificial Intelligence, new market innovations are transforming the service industry and creating new opportunities to rethink how citizens engage, access and use our public services. Big data, analytics and digital platforms are helping to empower both service users and providers as they utilise data and information for better decision making and service outcomes. This event will focus on how to deliver more accurate, faster responses and put service users at the core as we reshape governance, the public sector and working practices for the future.

The programme will explore the most pressing issues in digital transformation. It will address more broad questions such as why do some digital transformations fail and others succeed and how does transformation affect internal working culture? Other sessions will look more at what organisations can do with new information, algorithms and data flows.

The event organisers are bringing together all sectors to draw on a very wide range of viewpoints. Speakers will represent organisations as diverse as healthcare, media, local government, tech firms, charities, higher education and central government. Organisation activities and procedures are undergoing a profound internal rearrangement due to the accelerating impact of technology. It is necessary that the many possibilities of transforming are considered for best practice to be established and all organisations to be sufficiently well-informed to find what best suits them.

For more information on the event which takes place at America Square Conference Centre in London on 22 November – and to discover the latest line-up of confirmed speakers, click here.