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Councils drive transformation with SaaS models

Redditch Borough & Bromsgrove District Councils have signed SaaS solution deal with enterprise software provider TechnologyOne

Redditch Borough & Bromsgrove District Councils are embracing the next generation, mobile-enabled technology, and SaaS solutions to transform its organisation.

Both the councils are set to modernise and digitally transform their IT systems, signing a two-year Software as a Service (SaaS) deal with TechnologyOne.

The deal will see the councils replace their legacy financial, supply chain management and human resource and payroll systems with TechnologyOne’s fully integrated enterprise SaaS solutions – OneCouncil – as part of a shared services framework intended to improve efficiency and exploit digital technologies.

Anwen Robinson, UK Operating Officer at TechnologyOne said: “Councils are increasingly recognising the need to re-evaluate their software and operate in a more streamlined manner. OneCouncil is poised to help Redditch Borough & Bromsgrove District Councils improve efficiency and gain visibility into what is happening across the two organisations at any given moment. This ultimately enables them to improve service delivery, for the benefit of the communities they serve.”

Mobilising workforce and providing real-time data

Switching to a high-performing SaaS solutions will also remove the complexity of both organisations running and updating their software and infrastructure, as TechnologyOne takes care of this.

Chris Forrester, Financial Services Manager at Bromsgrove District and Redditch Borough Councils said the organisations were looking for an enterprise solution that would mobilise its workforce and provide access to reliable, real-time data.

Mr Forrester said: “Mobile working is a major part of our agenda moving forward – we needed a powerful enterprise solution that would allow our users to access key systems and information across any device, anywhere, at any time. In order to successfully implement change on this scale, we also needed a partner that could offer an unprecedented level of support.

“TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil SaaS solutions will deliver the capability for our staff to work flexibly, while offering the high level of support we require.”

Simplify, streamline and automate processes

Procured through G-Cloud, OneCouncil will simplify, streamline and automate the councils’ processes and create a single source of truth for council-wide information.

Councillor Matthew Dormer, Leader of Redditch Council said: “Negotiations with TechnologyOne have been extensive and thorough. We are satisfied TechnologyOne’s software solution will enable the two councils of Bromsgrove and Redditch to work even more closely together.”

Councillor Karen May, Leader of Bromsgrove Council said: “I am pleased to have found an IT solution that will take the councils forward. This will help our staff and officers provide even better services to our town’s residents and businesses.”

Chelmsford City council and Mid Ulster council recently tied up with TechnologyOne’s OneCouncil for SaaS solutions.

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