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Government set to create a digital identity market

The ambition of creating a digital identity market was reiterated when Oliver Dowden spoke at the Identity Week conference on 11 June

The UK government is committed to enabling the creation of a ubiquitous digital identity market. The Cabinet Office is taking actions in partnership with DCMS and other departments to deliver on this ambition.

While providing an update on GOV.UK Verify, Minister for Implementation, Oliver Dowden MP has confirmed that there are 20 government services connected to Verify and that the number of citizens using it to access services increased by a million between October 2018 and April this year.

This announcement follows the launch of a new AI Guide, an online marketplace and Technology Innovation Strategy by Oliver Dowden. These plans will focus on how government can harness the potential of new technologies.

Developing digital identity market

The government will issue a consultation in the coming weeks on how to deliver the effective organisation of the digital identity market. Through this consultation the government will work with industry, particularly with sectors who have frequent user identity interactions, to ensure inter-operable ‘rules of the road’ for identity.

A new Digital Identity Unit will be created in collaboration between DCMS and Cabinet Office. The Unit will help bring the public and private sector together, ensure the adoption of interoperable standards, specification and schemes, and deliver on the outcome of the consultation.

An engagement on the commercial framework for consuming digital identities from the private sector for the period from April 2020 will be initiated, to ensure the continued delivery of public services. The Government Digital Service will continue to ensure alignment of commercial models that are adopted by the developing identity market to build a flourishing ecosystem that delivers value for everyone.

Earlier this month, project aiming to deliver digital ID to vulnerable citizens was announced. Etive is collaborating with the Government Digital Service (GDS), Post Office, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Tower Hamlets Council on a leading public and private sector project to implement highly assured online identities for hard to reach customers, that are fully interoperable with GOV.UK Verify.

GOV.UK Verify: The digital identity programme

GOV.UK Verify is a secure way to prove who you are online.

It makes it safe, quick and easy to access government services like filing tax or checking the information on driving licence.

Using GOV.UK Verify, allows UK citizens to skip the need to prove their identity in person or wait for something to arrive in the post.

In December last year, the Government Digital Service (GDS) confirmed its priorities for GOV.UK Verify for the next 18 months.

Writing in a blog post, the GDS moved to clarify next steps for the digital identity programme after it was announced earlier this year that the government is to hand responsibility for the GOV.UK Verify identity assurance programme to the private sector.

The priorities outlined were:

  1. Help make the standards for digital identity easier to follow and use
  2. Help digital identities work across private and public sector services
  3. Make better use of government data
  4. Help build confidence in the digital identity market

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