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New case management system for youth services

The case management system will interoperate between all existing local case management systems and will be rolled out across CMAS' network by Summer 2019

Youth services providers will be able to manage communications across a wide range of agencies from one central platform. Community Mentoring and Support (CMAS) has a new case management system developed for this purpose.

The new case management system will enable faster, safer and more reliable ways of monitoring progress, assessing risks, and getting appropriate support. Updates to each young person’s care pathway will be available immediately. A permissions-based system will securely protect these updates. This will eliminate the problems caused by the transfer of records and reliance on phone and postal communication. A major challenge faced by community care workers is keeping track of the progress of youth services. Additionally, it is equally challenging to communicate any changes to a multitude of agencies involved. This case management system will help in addressing these challenges.

The interoperable and fully integrated case management solution has been developed by Refero and Connect4Care today and powered by Fiorano.

Common collaborative platform

James Evans, Director of Education at CMAS commented: “We are excited we will be able to offer a common, collaborative platform of engagement between our team and the other agencies looking after children and young people. For us, it is crucial that it puts the young person at the centre of their own care, supported by our team, and we believe it will eliminate the risk of failed communication and disjointed planning and delivery. In 2019 we shouldn’t have to rely on phone calls, handwritten notes or a variety of email systems. Small changes to a child’s mental health or risk status need to be communicated to everyone involved, much more quickly.

“As a commissioned company, we know how vital it is for services to be joined up and informed of other providers engagements. Ensuring children and young people are central to the processes in creating and delivering their care, support and education will keep us true to our vision to develop child-centred services that improve the experiences and lives of the families we work with.”

Shared virtual communications

Service commissioners, providers and the individuals form a network created by CMAS. This network will be able to collaborate using shared virtual communications on a case by case basis. The case management system will provide a secure and unified view of the youth services at the centre of the care pathway.

Ian Newell, Director at Refero said: “Incomplete or untimely information sharing between agencies can be a huge issue for the teams of people looking after vulnerable children. This platform puts entire case communication onto one app and makes it immediately available. Refero believes in simple, standardised technology solutions joined together seamlessly. We know that the boundaries between agencies that care for people are often not simple or straightforward. This can prove to be very challenging and historically has been an excuse to keep people working in silos.

“The work we’re doing with CMAS and Connect4Care is a huge leap forward in children’s and young people’s services because it provides instant improvement to the support each client will receive. It will create better collaboration, communication and exchange of information and provides the security, governance and auditability required by each component organisation.”

The integrated platform of engagement will be accessible by the child or young person and their parents. Alternately, it will be accessible to youth services providers. This will be possible through the use of a simple and intuitive app.

Easy interoperability for providers of youth services

CMAS will deploy the Refero and Fiorano platform. Additionally, CMAS will invite its care partners in the South West of England to participate. The partners include local authorities, other commissioned youth services, Youth Offending Teams, schools and social work teams.

The Connect4CareFiorano Healthcare Data Exchange Framework works with Refero’s interoperable communications platform. The framework carries the ITK V2 accreditation for integrating NHS and Social Care IT systems. Refero’s platform is based on a standard, scalable and integrated set of components. A few examples of such components are Cisco’s Webex Teams for collaboration and team working. The combination of these minimum impact technologies ensures easy interoperability. Operations between Refero and any existing case management systems held on multiple client sites requires no invasive integration.

Richard Last at Connect4Care said: “Fiorano’s deep experience in the sharing of healthcare information and data with integrated case management solutions, makes us the ideal partner for Refero and CMAS. We connect patient interactions for better digital care and we know the value of having the right information at the right time. This is particularly crucial for young people who need some control and input into their own care pathway, and this clearly is a great match with Refero’s platform of engagement and CMAS’ culture of designing and delivering services around the needs of children and young people.”

Helen Dempster, Chief Visionary Officer, Karantis360, says that human and bot could soon work together to improve domiciliary care. Karantis360 Assisted Living solution will be used to support the residential care of people with physical or mental health needs of different ages.

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