Innovation and changeGovernment TechnologyMoD seeks partner for new tech platform

MoD seeks partner for new tech platform

MoD is searching for a partner for supporting a technology platform battlefield information system application (BISA) used by the Royal Engineers.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is looking for a partner to support a new technology platform.

The Battlefield and Tactical Communications and Information Systems Delivery Team within the MoD has issued an invitation to tender for support to the MAKEFAST (MF) Battlefield Information System Application (BISA). BISA is provided by defence contractor General Dynamics.

MF BISA caters to Royal Engineers or Sappers with a system to plan and execute mobility, counter-mobility and survivability missions. The application supports operations in the land environment.

As per the notice issued last week, the buying department within the MoD is seeking for suppliers to get in touch with them using the bid applications. The basic ask from the requirement is pertaining to project management plan, quality assurance plan, and software management development plan.

Requirement details

The statement of requirements are detailed as follows:

  1. Secure working environment
  2. Help service
  3. Telephone help service
  4. Installation and maintenance service
  5. Trials
  6. Manufacture and test facilities
  7. Technical in-service product advisory services
  8. Engineering performance management information
  9. Documentation maintenance and custodian service
  10. Materials/documentation/workshops and evaluations
  11. Tasking service
  12. Project performance metrics
  13. Knowledge management
  14. Licenses management
  15. Technical support to UK MoD Stakeholders (information sharing)
  16. Managing government furnished equipment in industry
  17. ISO 9001
  18. Integrated support plan
  19. Change management service
  20. Change management governance requirements
  21. Governance requirements
  22. Service management advice

The contract is due to run between 19 April 2019 and 31 March 2022. The contract is valued at £870k to £4.5m. Closing date for receiving applications is 29 March 2019.

Recently, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson committed £66m and £30m towards military robotic projects and digital apps respectively. Last month, it invited applications to understand cyber risk exposure using Cyber Risk Tooling.

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