Innovation and changeGovernment TechnologyRobotics and AI: Prominent technologies for UK’s Government and Public sector

Robotics and AI: Prominent technologies for UK's Government and Public sector

The prime focus for Government and Public sector in the UK has been the application of robotics for automation and of AI for cybersecurity

Robotics and AI are fast becoming the backbone for the public servants in their quest to preserve the quality of public service and strengthen capabilities to fight cyber threats respectively.

Advancement in technology like the internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, block chain and augmented reality (AR) have revolutionised business. The application of these technologies is visible for the government and public sector as well. The two significant areas for the sector are Robotics and Cybersecurity with artificial intelligence (AI) being a subset.

According to the EY Disruption Index for Q4 2018, government and public sector has increased by 14% the rate of disruptive technology activity in the sector versus Q3 2018.

Automating tasks using robotics

The public sector is gaining from the adoption of robotics.  Lots of monotonous jobs are being automated. This supports civil servants to concentrate on cognitive and problem solving tasks, improving job satisfaction, quality of service and speed of delivery.

Deloitte led the first major review of automation for the UK police force. They found a range of potential opportunities, like the automation of traffic offences, updating alcohol licenses, completing character enquiries, supporting crime reporting, auditing intelligence systems, and supporting the fight against cyber-crime.

Automation has been successfully deployed in various other UK public sector organisations to enhance experience with one citizen view and customer service, increasing productivity and cost efficiency, ESNEFT – e-referral automation, EU compliance laws and regulation, online services, fraud prevention, quick suspect record scanning and correcting call handler errors.

Application of AI in public sector for cybersecurity

The public sector in UK is rapidly adopting digital technology.

Fujitsu, found that 76.7% of public sector organisations believe they were undergoing digital transformation. As a progressive outlook, this was the highest percentage of any sector they had surveyed.

Governments are using AI to turn around their work making sure they works more efficiently and delivers better services.

With the recent advancement in video analytics, government agencies around the world are using AI to enhance security capabilities. Recently, an independent Biometrics and Forensics Ethics Group had published ethical principles to guide police facial recognition trials.

Other areas where AI is helping public services are social benefits, reducing facilities cost, education, making policy decisions and legislative guidance.

The government and public sector needs to watch out for potential application of robotics and AI technologies that could change the way it works. Newer applications are most likely to disrupt the sector as advancements in technology have been disrupting enterprises traditionally. The majority of public service organisations across the UK are looking to adapt to robotics and AI to achieve more and boast protection against cyber crime

Roles within government and public sector have evolved owing to the advent of robotics and automation age.

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