Innovation and changeCloud ComputingUK Police get cloud-based crime solving analytical tools

UK Police get cloud-based crime solving analytical tools

UK Police will get analytical tools that help them solve crimes

UK Police Forces are set to start using analytical tools for solving crime after Analyser and Investigator solutions from Chorus Intelligence were made accessible to police forces via Microsoft’s cloud platform – Azure.

Police forces will be spared of hundreds of hours of manual data processing by using the cloud computing platform that will allow them to swap between paper-based process and efficient digital analytical tools.

Analyser and Investigator solutions

Chorus Investigator helps officers easliy see the most important parts of a case


Analyser manages millions of different data types generated during an investigation, such as call records and device downloads, and helps intelligence analyst spot patterns and sequences in events. Investigator helps in setting up lines of enquiry quickly by looking at crucial parts of a case, such as what happened, when and where.

Police can securely store and access their data in Microsoft’s cloud after the UK’s National Police Information Risk Management Team reviewed its data centres.

The Police ICT Company has made Chorus tools accessible to every UK police force since December 2017.

Boyd Mulvey, CEO and founder of Chorus Intelligence, said, “I think one the most prominent challenges the police have is giving officers in the field, and analysts, access to data that they can quickly interrogate and get the operational answers they need. We enable an analyst to do in a morning what it would have taken them a month to do.

“The product has essentially been designed by the police for the police. All of our customer relationship managers are ex-police, and most of them are ex-police analysts, so they are people who have been doing this for a living.”

Though the UK public services department, especially the police forces, have been under immense scrutiny for the use of technology, there have been number of recent developments with digital transformation.

UK public services’ association with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

In January 2019, Microsoft had issued new guidance that will enable public sector organisations to secure their Office 365 tenants in line with the Government’s security principles.

Police in the UK have been allowed to store data on cloud from September 2017.

Mike Riordan, UK Police Lead at Microsoft, said, “Microsoft Azure helps Chorus Intelligence deploy solutions that enable law enforcement to focus more on solving crime and less on managing servers. Chorus’ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions allow police customers to take advantage of the flexibility and enterprise-grade reliability that Azure provides.”

Home Affairs Committee last year had flagged serious concerns about police forces’ digital capabilities. On this front, Mike added, “All too often UK forces struggle to adopt improved operational services due to their legacy technology stack, and the SaaS delivery method from Chorus, which has been approved by those in the Police ICT Company, provides the speed to service which policing requires in order to counter today’s threats.”

Last month, police forces in England and Wales were making use of Microsoft Azure cloud platform to host Collision Reporting and Sharing system (CRaSH) application by Civica. CRaSH has saved £7.5m for the region per year by using the solution to record and manage road traffic collisions.

Earlier, in November 2018, through digital transformation contracts on National Enabling Programmes (NEP) and National Management Centre (NMC) awarded to BT and Deloitte, local forces were able to maintain control of which technology they need for their team, via Microsoft Azure.

UK Police had got their first Cloud-Based Control Room hosted on Azure Private Cloud. G4S, a British multinational security services company headquartered in London, is using “Control Room Solution” (CRS) with Lincolnshire Police. Lincolnshire Police has entered into the ten-year contract with G4S in 2012.

Following the Government Transformation Strategy 2017 to 2020, there has been substantial progress made towards how the government agencies will use digital to transform. There has been work with regards to ethical principles to guide police facial recognition trials by an independent Biometrics and Forensics Ethics Group (BFEG).

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