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Case study: Ordnance Survey’s omni-channel approach

Charlie Adams, Ordnance Survey Customer Service Centre Manager, shares more on the organisation’s omni-channel approach to customer contact

As a customer service professional, it’s hard to discuss technology in contact centres without mentioning ‘omni-channel’. Omni-channel is defined as a multi-channel approach that provides the customer with an integrated experience that aligns messaging, goals, objectives, and design across each channel and device.

While omni-channel is the goal, it’s no easy task, so few organisations can truly say they offer an omni-channel approach. Ordnance Survey has taken some decisive steps towards this.

Multi-channel contact

Our contact centre is modest in size, but big in capability. We typically handle upwards of 3,000 customer queries a month. We manage multiple email inboxes, social media channels, admin tasks and letters, 10 phone lines and LiveChat.

The only way to enable us to work efficiently as a team across OS and to deliver a good customer experience was to introduce an adequate CRM system. In November 2016, we launched MS Dynamics across OS.

Overcoming the challenges

It was evident we needed a CRM tool that enabled us to work efficiently and manage and improve the customer experience, while ensuring the whole organisation could be involved.

Getting Dynamics working for our required specifications was not easy. Whilst on the face of it Dynamics offers plenty of out of the box features, we wanted to make sure it worked well for our unique needs and processes. Going from an idea that we want to start using Dynamics to a system ready to go live is a long process, with a lot of challenges to overcome.

Some of the main challenges along the way included defining requirements and prioritising, managing sponsors and stakeholders, managing user expectations and moving goalposts. As well as the added challenges of working with our Microsoft partner, with teams in different time zones that put a delay on feedback and implementation.

They key to us overcoming these technical challenges was having the whole company behind the project. OS understood the significance of improving our CRM system. All the groundwork to understand the size of the project had been signed of at every level with sponsors and stakeholders across the various internal departments. This meant from the beginning we had a dedicated team whose sole focus and objective was to develop and launch Dynamics within OS. And where and when they needed input or to call on the knowledge and expertise from across the business it was freely and willingly given.

Getting the system ready to launch was one part, the hard part was operationally launching it

Implementing a new CRM system into a contact centre takes a lot of planning, training and persistence. Moving from a very linear system to a dynamic system came with its hurdles.

To ensure a smooth launch the customer service team were included early on in this process, with workshops, classroom training, role play, the creation of clear guides and one pagers, all done with input from the team. While it’s fair to say the first year of using a new CRM came with its challenges, Dynamics is slowly becoming that single source of truth where all customer interaction is recorded.

We’re able to take advantage of the benefits Dynamics brings, which is having a positive impact on the customer experience:

  • Measuring and monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – with all customer data being input into once place, finding ways of measuring performance has become simpler and more effective. We use this data to determine actions we take to maintain and improve the customer experience.
  • Clear customer history – no matter which of our contact channels the customer chooses, all correspondence between OS and the customer are visible in once place. Our customer service advisors can quickly get a picture of who the customer is, understand their goals and history of events, enabling a great customer experience.
  • Tasks – within Dynamics we can forward questions, actions or tasks to other Dynamics users at OS. This leads to efficiency gains as we don’t have to switch between systems to send messages. We can track who is currently responsible for a task, when it completes and the history of events.
  • Themes and reasons for contact – OS is huge, we cover a wide variety of customer types and query types, so it is essential we can understand why our customers are contacting us. This is easily reported on using Dynamics.
  • Ownership model – every customer query that comes into the customer service centre is owned by the adviser through to resolution.

Great customer experience

LiveChat was launched on our Leisure webpages in November 2017.

Our website is often first port of call for customers looking for help, to buy things, or generally interested in OS. This means our website sees a fair amount of visitors.

  • Over the last 12 months we’ve had over 34 million pageviews on our site and 5 million users
  • Over 4 million views on Mapzone
  • Nearly one million redemptions of mobile versions of our paper maps
  • Over 22 million views on our shop
  • About 42% of our traffic is now on mobile or tablet
  • 211,582 consumer transactions

With so many of our customers using our website we have to be there when they need us and for those moments that matter, the points that make the difference between them having an average experience or a great experience.

It’s still in its early days, but we plan to expand its availability across other pages of our website throughout the rest of 2018. We’re not stopping there. Our next step is to empower customers to self-serve. We will be exploring features such as co-browsing and chatbots within this financial year.

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